Windstreaks - False Color

Scaled Image

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

About this image

The THEMIS VIS camera contains 5 filters. The data from different filters can be combined in multiple ways to create a false color image. These false color images may reveal subtle variations of the surface not easily identified in a single band image. Today's false color image shows a set of windstreaks located on Syrtis Major Planum east of Nili Patera. The color variation shows where wind action has removed or concentrated surface dust. The "tails" of the windstreaks indicate winds from the ENE.

Please see the THEMIS Data Citation Note for details on crediting THEMIS images. 


Image ID: 
V33905004 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2009-08-06 02:31
Thu, 2016-01-28
512 pixels (21 km)
1824 pixels (70 km)
0.038576 km/pixel
0.0424872 km/pixel


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