THEMIS Art #43

Scaled Image

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

About this image

Within this THEMIS image of Mars one sees both a tectonic and collapse feature influence on the topography. Graben [down-dropped block of material between two faults] and pit chain or collapse features [subsurface lava tube controlled features] dominate this terrain. It is easy to recognize the collapse type features due to their scalloped walls and abrupt terminations. The tectonically controlled graben form features which are/can be at right angles to each other and, in some instances, show a structural signature dissipating into the surrounding plains. This image was originally released as part of the THEMIS Art series, for the temple-like appearance created by the features.

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Image ID: 
I08747008 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2003-12-04 07:25
Wed, 2005-02-23
320 pixels (31 km)
909 pixels (91 km)
0.100955 km/pixel
0.097056 km/pixel


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