Blue Polar Dunes In False Color

Scaled Image

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

About this image

This is an afternoon image of the far northern reaches of Mars' polar cap, taken in the late nothern summer season, after most of the carbon dioxide frost has vaporized. Ice/frost will typically appear as bright blue-white in color; dust mantled ice will appear in tones of red/orange. The small dunes in this image are 'bluer' than the rest of the layered ice/dust units to the left. They are surmised to be composed chiefly of basaltic sands.

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Image ID: 
V11619001 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2004-07-27 19:11
Wed, 2005-01-19
1024 pixels (20 km)
768 pixels (15 km)
0.019588 km/pixel
0.019892 km/pixel


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