Smooth and Scrambled

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

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A flat-floored crater in central Arabia hosts an interior crater with interesting ejecta. The scrambled patterns in the ejecta suggest fluidized flow during emplacement. This contrasts with the much smoother terrain on the left side of the image. Although there is some ambiguity, it appears that the smooth material has lapped up onto the ejecta, which raises the question of where the source is for this more recent flow of material. Mega-ripples (a dune form) are found in some of the depressions in the ejecta. Dark slope streaks occur on some steep slopes.

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Image ID: 
V06340024 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2003-05-20 05:25
Thu, 2003-06-19
1024 pixels (18 km)
3648 pixels (64 km)
0.017788 km/pixel
0.017917 km/pixel


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