Martian Dunes

Scaled Image

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

About this image

This collage of six images shows examples of the daytime temperature patterns of martian dunes seen by the THEMIS infrared camera. The dunes can be seen in this daytime image because of the temperature differences between the sunlit (warm and bright) and shadowed (cold and dark) slopes of the dunes. The temperatures in each image vary, but typically range from approximately -35 to -15deg C. Each image covers an area approximately 32 by 32 km in size, and was acquired using the THEMIS infrared Band 9 centered at 12.6 microns. Clockwise from the upper left, these images are: (a) Russel crater. 54 S; 13 E. Portion of THEMIS image I00824002, (b) Kaiser crater. 45 S; 19 E. Portion of THEMIS image I01398006; (c) Rabe crater. 43 S; 35 E. Portion of THEMIS image I01747003, (d) 22 N; 66 E. Portion of THEMIS image I01583009, (e) Proctor crater. 47 S; 30 E. Portion of THEMIS image I01485002, (f) 61 S; 201 E. Portion of THEMIS image I01479002.

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Wed, 2002-12-18
981 pixels (98 km)
656 pixels (65 km)
0.1 km/pixel
0.1 km/pixel


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