THMPROC is a web-based, interactive tool which greatly simplifies THEMIS data processing, while eliminating the need for users to install software by using the THEMIS Data Processing System located at Arizona State University.

THEMIS Data User's Workshop

In October 2005, the THEMIS team convened a two-day workshop for the community of scientists interested in the use of Mars Odyssey THEMIS data for exploring the composition and physical properties of the surface and atmosphere of Mars. The THEMIS data are both rich with potential for exciting discoveries, and complex in their scope and utilization. The tools and techniques that have been developed to analyze THEMIS data have evolved throughout the Odyssey mission, and have reached a high level of maturity and ease of use. The goal of the workshop was to demonstrate these tools and to have participants leave with all the information and experience necessary to process, analyze, and mosaic THEMIS images.

The first part of the workshop presented THEMIS data processing and analysis concepts and techniques. This included a review of the use of thermal infrared spectroscopy in multi-spectral analysis, the use of nighttime thermal imaging to derive thermal inertia, and the use of moderate resolution (18 m/pixel) visible images. An application of these concepts was demonstrated in the scientific examples presented by Rogers and Fergason.

The second part of the workshop provided attendees with a hands-on training in the use of THEMIS team processing and analysis tools. These tools included the JMars analysis tools, and the new THMPROC processing tool.

THMPROC is compatible with Firefox 1.x, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, Netscape 7 and Safari 1.3 browsers (and newer versions of any of those).