Hebes Chasma

Scaled Image

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

About this image

THEMIS has taken some great pictures of Valles Marineris, the largest canyon in the solar system. If this canyon were on Earth, it would stretch from New York to Los Angeles. Image of the Day toured some of the canyons that make up this vast system.
This image shows part of Hebes Chasma. Sun shadows can be seen on the northern part of the image. There are dunes, flow-like features, and layered rocks present.

Please see the THEMIS Data Citation Note for details on crediting THEMIS images. 


Image ID: 
V10701001 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2004-05-13 03:46
Tue, 2004-09-14
1024 pixels (18 km)
3648 pixels (64 km)
0.01776 km/pixel
0.017889 km/pixel


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