Infrared of Meroe Patera Flows

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

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After the Odyssey spacecraft had completed a full Mars year of observations of the red planet Image of the Day looked back over this first mars year. Focus was on five themes: 1) the poles - with the seasonal changes seen in the retreat and expansion of the caps; 2) craters - with a variety of morphologies relating to impact materials and later alteration, both infilling and exhumation; 3) channels - the clues to liquid surface flow; 4) volcanic flow features; and 5) dunes. While some images have helped answer questions about the history of Mars, many have raised new questions that are still being investigated as Odyssey continues collecting data as it orbits Mars. This daytime infrared image was collected Jan. 23, 2003 during northern summer. The old volcanic flows from Meroe Patera are recognizable only by the flow fronts (rounded lobes). Dust and erosion have covered or removed the rough lava surface seen in yesterday's image.

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I04916011 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2003-01-23 00:06
Thu, 2004-04-08
320 pixels (31 km)
7184 pixels (720 km)
0.100335 km/pixel
0.099617 km/pixel


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