Arsinoes Chaos

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

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At the easternmost end of Valles Marineris, a rugged, jumbled terrain known as chaos displays a stratigraphy that could be described as precarious. Perched on top of the jumbled blocks is another layer of sedimentary material that is in the process of being eroded off the top. This material is etched by the wind into yardangs before it ultimately is stripped off to reveal the existing chaos. Some of the material ends up in the surrounding depressions, forming small sand dunes.

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Image ID: 
V05020002 (View data in Mars Image Explorer)
2003-01-31 11:42
Mon, 2003-02-24
1024 pixels (18 km)
3648 pixels (63 km)
0.017495 km/pixel
0.017622 km/pixel


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